Overthrowing convention

We are always busy at our ranch.  And we are always looking for products to better suit our needs on the ranch where we can save time and money.  Sometimes you can't find what you need or want so you go ahead and develop it yourself!  So, we have developed products that have changed our ranch. They save us feed costs, save time, allow our horses to be healthier and graze naturally.  They also eliminate lugging buckets of water because of freezing tempatures.  These products are efficient and put money back in our pocket through less waste and more time and money doing what we love. We have decided to share them with you!

Flat fence feeders,stand-alone feeders, show feeders and fence feeders are coming soon.
    Corner Stall Feeder

    These corner feeders promote a more natural grazing experience for stalled horses. Horses feed with their heads in a natural healthy position near the ground. A constant supply of forage is available delivered in a way that is safe and promotes improved health, less anxiety, and all but eliminates waste. This feeder also significantly reduces feeding and stall cleaning labor costs thereby paying for itself in the first year. If you a searching for the best stall feeding system available, look no further.


    Frost-free Waterer

    This horse waterer promotes a natural drinking experience for your horse and allows them to always have access to good drinking water. It's frost free so in very cold temperatures it won't freeze! It's also electric free which means you don't have to plug it in to keep the water from freezing. You can quickly and easily adjust the water level. It's also easy to clean. Easy installation makes it a must have for your barn!